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Building Information Modeling


Building Information Modeling, or BIM, generates a virtual “information” model. This model is presented to the design team, the main contractor, and any subcontractors. The information is also shared with the owner/operator. Throughout the model building process, various parties will add discipline-specific data to the ‘master” shared model. Having a single, master shared model, reduces information loss. Information loss traditionally occurred when a new team took 'ownership' of a project. Building Information Modeling provides extensive building information to the owner. The data contained within the model is of great value throughout the lifecycle of the structure.

As a Certified Manager of Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM), ATIGROUPs, BIM / CAD Manager, Michael Vincent, compiles the Building Models from project stakeholders and brings them into the federated model. This merger checks for any possible interference. The Model Manager uses the federated model to ensure the project is constructible, before ground is ever broken on site. In addition, the CM-BIM is in charge of all coordination meetings. This process reduces change orders; reducing the overall project cost. 

BIM product produced by Michael Vincent, under review by the Chief Engineer, Mike Wacyk.