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ATIGroup Wins Trade Ally Award

Consumers Energy presented ATIGROUP with the 2013 Trade Ally Award for the Highest Combined Electrical and Natural Gas Savings within the State of Michigan.  Last year ATIGROUP & our customers reduced the use by $266,639 in combined electric and natural gas savings!

Thank you to all of our customers that helped make it happen!

Some of you who benefited from the energy saving measurers include:

ATIGROUP is always looking for ways to reduce the use through preventative maintenance equipment tune-ups to electrical lighting upgrades utilizing rebates from utility suppliers.

If you are interested in increasing profits and reducing your use please call us regardless of who the utility supplier is for your location. ATIGROUP is a preferred trade ally for all utility companies.

Winner of 2014 Michigan Small Business Award

ATIGROUP co-founder Michael A. Bunting has been selected as one of five winners for the 2014 Michigan Small Business Awards. Bunting was awarded the Michigan Veteran Small Business Owner award during the 10th annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards event at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, MI on May 6th, 2014.

The SBA has been recognizing the outstanding work put forth by American entrepreneurs and small business owners since 1963, while the first Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards were presented in 2005.

The Veteran Owned Small Business award is awarded to a business owner who is a member of the military, including veterans or active-duty members. 

Bunting was the co-founder of ATIGROUP in 1986. Prior to founding ATIGROUP, Bunting served time in the United States Navy where he studied Steam Propulsion Engineering and air conditioning, heating and refrigeration from 1970-72.

Bunting and the other four award winners were selected based on their staying power, financial performance, contributions to the community and their work ethic with a small business. Every year, small business owners from all across the state attend the event to show their support for the winners and the growth of Michigan’s small businesses. 

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Changing of the Guard

June 17, 2013 - Michael A. Bunting, Principal & CEO, announced the promotion of Michelle Landon, to the position of President of ATIGROUP Inc. Michelle has been with ATIGROUP, in varying capacities, for 18 years. She formerly filled the role of Department Head, Business Development.  Michelle is clearly excited by this new opportunity and is looking forward to growing the company and reaching new horizons. Michelle is a graduate of Northwood University. 


Mike Bunting will remain active within the company for three to five more years to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation; this transition process will also allow Mike more opportunity to visit our current customers, as well as, meeting and greeting the yet undiscovered customer of ATIGROUP. He is also very excited about being able to spend more time with his wife Laura and their Grandchildren.

Oil-Free, Magnetic Bearing, Chillers

Contrary to popular belief chiller plants are now the most efficient operating at partial load and the new technology of the oil free, magnetic bearing chillers are here to prove it.  We live in a region where our climates hit peak demand less than 10% of the time. Therefore, why would engineers design for the most efficient operation to occur when the chiller is loaded at 100% or at peak demand?   

With facilities mechanical systems operating at partial load over 85% of the time the magnetic bearing compressors are achieving a KWH savings of over 30% by performing at their “sweet spot” which is around 50% loaded.  The oil free chiller also dramatically reduces maintenance and operational costs by eliminating all the oil in the traditional chiller system. The concept that chiller systems are operating without any oil is almost unheard of and defies what mechanical service companies across the world understand.   The chiller operations is also so quiet the refrigerant flowing through the chiller is actually louder than the compressor running. 

This technology is sweeping across the country and has been in North America for over 10 years.  ATIGROUP was the first engineering firm to specify the Smardt Chiller in the Mid-West and Burcham Hill’s Retirement Community was the first leader in the industry to purchase this technology.  

Best of the Best Pipe Trade Competition

U.A. Local 85 recently hosted the annual pipe trades competition. The “best of the best,” pipe trades apprentices, in the state of Michigan competed in Plumbing, Pipefitting, HVAC/R, Welding and Sprinkler fitting. ATIGROUP's very own, Ben Woodfield dominated the competition, taking First Place for the entire State of Michigan.